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  1. To promote pedagogical know-how of  the teaching university community.

  2. To stimulate the pedagogical reflection of the teacher community ( sharing practices, collaborative design, pedagogical strategy training…). In France, e-learning is used as an opportunity to get the university pedagogical communities involved in a pedagogical reflection (objectives, skills, blended-learning, assessments and so on).

  3. To enhance the student learning with ITC as a pedagogical added value.

  4. To get students familiar with the new generation tools they will work with in their future working daylife. (should be considered as a kind of teacher’s duty, somehow)

  5. To improve the University visibility  and increase its ranking in the national, regional, and international University system ranking.

  6. To give the possibility to recruit much more students with e-learning as a communication tool.

  7. To support students to be involved in independent learning which is important in the nowaday context of lifelong learning.

  8. To provide student with learning content when teachers are out of University.