Threats for agricultural resources in Cambodia

Cambodia is an agricultural country

At the national level, Cambodia owes more than 30% of its Gross Domestic Product to the agricultural sector. Around 75% of the cultivated land are rice fields and represent the first commodity and source of income for most farmers. The other 25% are used for other food sources and industrial crops such as rubber, cassava, maize and pulse crops.

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Therefore, economic growth and poverty reduction in Cambodia depend on the sustainability of agricultural production. In order to be sustainable, agricultural production should rely on well-managed natural resources. However, agricultural resources are currently threatened by a range of agroecological[1] and socio-economic factors.

  1. Agroecological

    We may use the word "agroecological" to qualify a production system or an agricultural technique that is based on the preservation and the promotion of ecological processes that are internal to the ecosystem, rather than on the use of external inputs.

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