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Stylosanthes guianensis during the immature stage of rubber plantation


On relatively poor soil, the maintenance of rubber plantation during the vegetative development (immature) stage is very expensive, and it has much low potential for inter-cropping with annual crops. Stylo could be used as cover crop and fodder to minimize considerably the maintenance costs, improve the soil fertility and potentially integrate with livestock production.

Cassava intercropped in rubber plantation

July 2012 ; Rattanak ; by Rada

High price of rubber up to 5700$/t recorded in 2001 had driven the conversion from cassava to rubber even on poor sandy soils of Kampong Siem, Poneah Krek and Dambe. For poor smallholder farmers, cassava, the only profitable crop on those soils, is inter-cropped with rubber up to 3 years. Most of the rubber plantations are currently at the productive stage, but the price dropped below 1500$/t generating low profitability. Some farmers recently shift from cassava or cancel rubber to plant pepper expecting stable income.