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Selamat datang in Cambodia

This week 5 IT Malaysians students from the University of Kuala Lumpur came to the Computer Center for doing their internship. They will stay around 4 months. We are very glad to have them with us for building an e-learning platform at the University. Their support will be helpfull. Welcome!

Malaysians students meets Florent at the Computer Centre of Royal University of Agriculture.



Video learning

Video learning is fashionable in e-learning nowaday. One of the reasons is that, today, we can get it interactive by the use of the numeric technology. We use “Zaption” which is a free application (not for longtime unfortunately). Such a tool is an awesome way to enhance the interactivity between the learner and the teacher which is the aim of e-learning : Multiple Question Choice, Feedback, tracking are inside the video!

Try it and make up your mind:


More examples right here : http://www.iperca.org/e-learning/zaption/index.html

Special thanks to Hortense Jacquemain who bring up the idea.

Last step of “agrarian transition”. Watch the video-clip introduction.

This Week Guillaume Lestrelin came in Phnom Penh. He managed some time on his schedule to record the video-clip introduction of his course. Here is it :

This kind of clip allows students to have a visual contact with the author. It gets the content more friendly, and improve the interactivity between students and the teacher. As Guillaume said, it’s not easy to watch himself on video, but, from my point of view, it definitely worth it, as far as students would appreciate such initiative.

Designing the learning environment

Vichet and I are currently working on the design of the learning environment. The e-learning webiste of RUA will host our courses. Each course will be accessible from a list menu organised by faculty. A main page of each course will introduce the course (with a videoclip of the course’s author). On this main page, we would like to set up a forum in order to allow students to ask a question about the content and / or allow them to send a technical request to the computer center if maintenance is needed. It’s a challenging idea, and we hope to have a first released of the Learning Environment pretty soon.


URL of the e-learning website of Royal University of Agriculture : http://e-learning.rua.edu.kh/